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About Bryte Bookkeeping

Jenny James | Owner & Operator
I’m Jenny, the owner/operator of Bryte Bookkeeping! I’ve worked in the accounting industry for 14 years alongside businesses in construction, non-profit, banking, lighting, beverage distribution, and medical device manufacturing.  My work has taken me across Canada and even to Ireland, and ultimately to Charlottetown where I now have my practice. 

I help businesses big and small get organized, understand and effectively utilize their financial information to help manage cash flow, keep up to date with scheduled payments and remittances, automate data entry and streamline records management.

There’s a great satisfaction taking control of your finances, and helping people achieve that has been incredibly rewarding for me.  One of the many reasons I chose to start this business. Let Bryte Bookkeeping be the light on your books and help you ensure it all adds up!